1. William Tell

From the recording Tragic Beauty

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William Tell loaded two arrows in
But he only needed one to save a life
The second one would be to avenge the death of his son
But it only got him banished for life

He only needed one
Overkill’s over done
Yeah he only needed one
To get by

We decided to leave home, follow our hearts and go it alone
But we’re drawn to each other through love and through laughs and through fights
We kept our wits, there were thousands of times when we wanted to quit
But we had to drive on and do what the past said was right

Yeah we knew that it only takes one
Constellations reflect the sun
And we’re not the only ones
Blessed with a life

Man of your means, stand up for what you believe
One day you’ll drink the milk of paradise
Powers that be have an ear bent to your plea
They’ll make an ocean to cross disappear life a thief in the night
In the night

Lessons learned, No need to return
You watch the sunset from the hills and reflect on your life
And when the day comes, to show what you’re made of
The love in your heart might end up saving a life

And maybe you only save one
Overkill’s overdone
Yeah maybe you only save one
But it only takes one to receive and pass down the line